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35. Organisk Kjemisk Vintermøte, 9. - 12. januar 2020

Velkommen til Organisk Kjemisk Vintermøte i januar!

Møtet er det 35. i rekken og det vil foregå på Thon Hotel Skeikampen fra 9. til 12. januar 2020. Vi kan love interessante foredrag, flotte skimuligheter (alle slag) og naturskjønne omgivelser. Alt skal derfor ligge til rette for noen utbytterike konferansedager med hyggelig og godt sosialt samvær.

Yngve Stenstrøm

Inviterte foredragsholdere

Professor Berit OlofssonProfessor Berit Olofsson

Stockholm University, Sweden


Professor Olofsson main research activities are on development of metal-free reactions, and in particular the synthesis and applications of hypervalent iodine reagents. These efforts have resulted in numerous new methods, such as metal-free applications of diaryliodonium salts for making diaryl ethers, arylation of carbohydrates and the novel iodine(III) reagent VBX (VinylBenziodoXolones). Mechanistic studies have also been conducted. The Olofsson group has also applied these novel methods in total synthesis of the natural products.

Dr. Martin JuhlDr. Martin Juhl

H. Lundbeck A/S, Valby, Denmark


Dr. Juhl is a Senior specialist in process chemistry and route design at H. Lundbeck. He has held numerous positions in the Lundbeck company where he has contributed significantly towards process chemistry and route design as well as new methodology for obtaining active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in the plant. In particular efforts have been focusing on translating the synthesis of APIs by the medicinal chemistry route into route scouting and process optimization where state of the art synthetic organic chemistry and in particular stereoselective synthesis have been implemented.

Professor Martin MaierProfessor Martin Maier

Department of Chemistry, University of Tubingen, Germany


Professor Maier has many research interests. A major part of his scientific contributions has been on total synthesis of natural products and investigation on their molecular interactions with biological targets and receptors, but also design, synthesis and biological evaluations of analogs of natural products. Dr. Maier has also developed new synthetic methods where focus recently has been on gold-catalyzed reactions. In addition, professor Maier has conducted research related to medicinal chemistry and structural-activity studies.

Associate professor Dennis WrightAssociate professor Dennis Wright

School of Pharmacy, University of Connecticut, USA


The research activities of Professor Wright focus on the development of small organic molecules with important biological activity as new therapeutics based on complex natural products. Significant contributions have been towards therapeutic development against infectious diseases, cancer and neurodegenerative disorders, where also detailed molecular understanding has been gained using natural products, structure-based drug design and small molecule library design and screening, in collaborative and interdisciplinary projects.



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